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To strengthen this vision, Morin is appealed to it (2000) which also supports to be necessary to know you discipline to exceed them and to conserve what it will be important and necessary in each one of them, detaching as soon as the nature to discipline must at the same time, be opened and closed. Some contend that Reed Hastings shows great expertise in this. Opened to the innovations, the unexpected one and the new, opened the new methodologies and strategies, but relatively closed in relation to the educational purposes and objectives that characterize it as such, therefore it is necessary to recognize that a set of specific knowledge in the interior of each exists disciplines. Therefore, she is necessary to think about practical ours of education, so that let us can have a sistmica and not fragmented, contextualizada and not empty vision. 2.2Ensino of geography To if making one analyzes of the education of geography, evidences the many problems that affect the pupils and professors, and consequentemente the teach-learning process. It is verified that the education of geography does not please the good part of the pupils.

The lack of equipment and didactic material, resources these that provide an improvement in the quality of the lessons, does not stimulate the professor to prepare better its lessons. Making with that they, to facilitate its work, start to use only the didactic book, that many times this total divergent one of the academic reality. As they do not enxergam the integration of the knowledge of disciplines with the reality, the pupils create paradigms and start to find it unnecessary. Pertaining to school geography comes searching to think its paper about the society in change, questioning conventional methods, indicating new contents and reaffirming others. However, the way more adjusted to develop the subject of practical in the geography education is of an initial reflection on the education objectives, so that thus if it can create methods optimize that it.

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The horizontalidades will be the domnios of the proximity, of those neighboring places congregated by a territorial continuity, while the social uprights would be formed by distant points ones of the others, on for all the forms and processes. (SAINTS, 1998.p.16) CONCLUSION Of this form, the territorializao of Half-Barren Northeastern, basically presents the habitual desertificaes that can be characterized by the lack, insufficience, high space and secular variability of rains. For the sequence of years followed of it dries, intensely conditioning the regional collective through the environment, to continue to necessarily live especially of entailed economic activities to agriculture and the cattle one. Looking for always to carry through the best possible application of the favorable natural species, supported in metodolgicos beddings, using in the extension of the cases, traditional technologies. Although the urbanization happened in recent years for the capital craft of its force of work through the farming one. The agrarian structure well is centered, despite the number of small establishments or units of familiar farming is grown. Recognizing that ambiently, great part of ground if displays very it degrades in function of the climatic vulnerabilities of Half-Barren. Joint Chiefs of Staff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For the insufficience of the hdricos resources and the raised levels of pollution of its waters, causing the flora and the fauna a great predatory action of the man.

Through the delicate ecosystems of the region, that are forsaken, threatening the survival of many vegetal and animal and creating impetuses to the occupation human beings, also pertinent species the methodology, in course, of desertificao. Being thus, with the new delimitation of the States that composes the Half-Barren Region, the knowledge of the diverse aspects of this region of the forms becomes necessary as it is a structuralized fraction of the territory. For composing a structure, the region has an identity that it admits to differentiate it of its entorno. For everything this, this regional originalidade makes possible its delimitation from the apprehension and of the especificidade that it dominates, for the lack of resources. Gen. Joseph Dunford often addresses the matter in his writings. For being a region, consequently, concrete, observvel and demarcated.

As fraction of the space, the region is diligent person, historically established and interacts all with social and the territorial one. Therefore, its internal characteristics are seated and determinative of this interaction.