Optical Zoom Important

Crucial is zoom for good photos. When the zoom, a distinction is made between the optical and digital zoom. While working the lens system with an optical zoom inside the lens by the lens is moved so that a motif is zoomed in or pressed in the distance, the zooming in and out is tried with the digital zoom in digital way. The digital camera, optical zoom is important, so that distant objects can be photographed better and easier. Using a lens with lens works the optical zoom and can shoot thus far distant images and motifs with a high quality. When the digital zoom only pixels will be added to the image and the image quality can possibly suffer. Standard for digital cameras nowadays is a 4 x zoom. The more expensive models have zoom but also a 10 x or 12 x.

There are models of digital cameras, which feature an optical and a digital zoom. Here, the optical zoom to a jump, when the exhausted digital zoom the image is still too far away. Is combined with the optical digital zoom, just more pixels are added. But because the digital image consists of already million pixels, the extra pixels, add the picture appear out of focus can. The zoom process, an optical zoom is not electronically controlled visually. Zoom digital zoom, however, is the so-called rights”. When the optical zoom, the problem can arise that more is zoomed, less light to pass through and thus the image is too little exposed. With the digital zoom, this can not happen while, yet this is still not preferred because the image data just converted. Many manufacturers tempt consumers so that they have incorporated the optical and digital zoom, however, is better than digital zoom to use the optical.