Memorial Stone

Konigswarthaer history society is hostile erecting a memorial stone. 1813 Napoleon time e.V. Specific research, we came to the battle of Bautzen (Bataille de Wurschen) on interesting events in Konigswartha. Napoleon ordered the Italian Division Peyri of Bautzen in March to put to support the arriving from Hoyerswerda army Ney. Since Tsar Alexander Barklay de Tolly, marched man Milkel Oppitz, Johnsdorf 23,000 Ney contrary. The Italians arrived on the 19th Mai Konigswartha. Because she had eaten nothing since May 16, they made a bivouac in the Manor House once, but had no guards and outposts. She could totally surprise General Tschaplitz and shoot together with straightedges.

The losses were devastating. The Division Peyri lost 1/3 of its people. Dead 500 man should have been there probably more. 800 prisoners, a total of 2,862 men in losses. The Russians lost 1,250 men wounded and dead. Because these soldiers have been involuntarily sent in this war, we defeated the Konigswartha municipality, to build a memorial to these niedergemetzelten innocent people in Konigswartha. Especially the Italian soldiers any ceremony was prohibited. This stone should draw attention also to certain historical processes in place or bring them in memory.

Because interested also the Italian Embassy in Berlin, it is likely, that also from the regions where these soldiers come here, tourists in Konigswartha found a. So, this stone also international understanding would serve. For this reason the Konigswarthaer history society to an open discussion on this subject invited. The result was devastating. The Konigswarthaer were a memorial building refusing to indifferent. A historical society without interest in history”. Supposedly, also no interest in tourists would exist, because there are no dining facilities in Konigswartha. Once again, a citizen summed up the result. Quote: A Memorial Konigswartha is no longer needed for the fallen Italian soldiers. There are some of them, also fought the Italians on the wrong side, on the side of the conqueror. Therefore they’re not worth a reminder.” Therefore is weinig probably Konigswartha on international understanding and openness to the world regarding tourism. Good night Konigswartha places but also in Upper Lusatia, which have recognized the signs of the times. There will be hardly any industrial settlements in a large stick in Upper Lusatia. So a big Trump our beautiful Oberlausitz will be home with their mountains and gentle valleys, and friendly people. But the history of this region is very promising. So we want to concentrate the community Markersdorf in Gorlitz in future, whose Vergangenheit is a real treasure trove in 1813. Its Mayor, Mr. knack is an anticipatory astute, which has pledged any support. The memorial stone, which once should be at Konigswartha is probably so.