We offer the following services to our customers: eye tests for health of the eyes; eye tests to test degeneration or improvement; glasses; contact lenses; Children’s eye health; consultation on laser treatment; implantable lenses; refractive lens exchange; cataract surgery consultation on other corrective eye surgery options.

Indeed, we specialize in Refractive Lens Exchange which is a non-laser, internal eye procedure. It is quite similar to cataract surgery, but rather than removing the eye’s natural lens that has grown cloudy because of the formation of cataracts, RLE involves removing a clear natural lens and replacing it with an artificial lens of a different shape, usually to reduce or eliminate high levels of farsightedness.

It is often seen as a good option for correcting other types of vision problems, including nearsightedness. But we warn our patients that it does come with a higher risk of complications, compared with other vision correction procedures. For these reasons, RLE typically is used only in cases of severe vision correction needs.