If you can draw in graphic editors such as Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, or have a digital camera, sooner or later comes the idea of turning their tsifrotvoreny into something more tangible. How can they sell? Internet provides many options for this, but perhaps the most proven and really works the way it is selling photos and illustrations through photobanks. I began this operation in 2007, initially did not on serious impact, but after six months realized that it was time to change the profession, unnecessarily earn the illustrations more than the core of his work (while I was engaged in interior design). Course work on photobanks it is the same work like any other, but has a large difference: it is based on your hobbies and on the principles of free creativity! So before you spread your experience at a very advanced (in terms of revenue) from the first photobanks briefly about what a photo bank and microstock Photobank an intermediary between the photographer or an artist on one side and the editorial staff of any magazine, newspaper or web designer – on the other. Photographers do not need to look for someone to sell their work.

Images will be uploaded to the site, and interested people are buying them there for the photographer gets his reward. And for potential buyers is much better than to keep staff photographers and illustrators in their own wording or design studio. Microstock is a photo bank, where the low price (from 0.25 up to $ 30) for each image is successfully compensated by a large number of sales, and once downloaded photo can sell an unlimited number of times.