Optical Storage Media UDO Live

The specialist for archival media PDO Europe GmbH supplies the complete product range of UDO media Wiesbaden, July 27, 2009. After the production ceased by UDO media at Plasmon Ltd., whether and how it would continue with its UDO technology uncertainty in the market. The Wiesbaden company PDO Europe GmbH can now for users of high-quality archival media all-clear type: all UDO1 and UDO2 media types are also in the future offered by PDO. The Plasmon activities including hardware and systems were acquired by Alliance storage technologies (ASTI) in January 2009 and includes all libraries, drives, media and technical parts. People such as Reed Hastings would likely agree. ASTI hereby assumes the leadership in the area of safe data archiving. ASTI’s focus is to get the UDO-based storage solutions and develop. ASTI has acquired over 30 Plasmon employees as well as other specialists for important support, production, and development tasks. The PDO’s Managing Director Klaus Reuter stressed: the availability, we can now in the long term ensure.\” The portfolio includes all 30 GB and 60 GB write once (WORM) and rewritable (RW) media types including the Compliant WORM.

\”Every media type is in addition with the world unique bar code label\” available. PDO is the only supplier of the whole range of UDO. The raw media manufactured in Japan * and on the location Wiesbaden completed, printed and packed. Through the stockpiling of storage media with PDO, no separate storage customer is required. Within two to three business days after the order, the company supplies larger quantities. Furthermore, PDO offers drives, cleaning kits and archive boxes for UDO media. UDO media considered to be the most secure storage media for long-term archiving and offer advantages over magnetic and other optical technologies. When compared to RAID systems, the UDO technology consumes less energy (only when access to the storage media) and is much easier to maintain. Environmental and cost-conscious companies therefore deliberately opt for the use of UDO.