Marcus Venner

At the end of the filming, was to reduce the truck work platform been implemented resulted in a warp of the supports out of the truck work platform for safety reasons. Also when it comes to exploring the underground of course not only then-, works very precisely the stage, haggling to every millimeter, until it is perfect. No one is taking a risk, because the stage in such a case then yes vociferously warns, and if necessary also switches off. To unlock the stage again, the local operator required the expert advice of the GL employee. It was smart of the customers and right traded call the specialist, who is familiar with this stage. Who is night call already excited when the phone is ringing at night to 3.30? No one, but also no one is located.

Back to Lars Weinberg, who is now wide awake and sitting upright in bed. L. Weinberg a moment, thinking he knows with the 35. Reed Hastings often addresses the matter in his writings. Better yet Mr Metin c by the technical team of the GL rentals. L. Weinberg does not hesitate, says the customer, Mr Mahmood c, familiar with the 35, is just a few minutes with him log in. Lars calls Metin.

As this sounds, what is at stake, even the fatigue is blown away. M. c Gets the customers. This tells him the situation. Reliable M. Caliskans Remote Diagnostics: in a few minutes he can describe the crucial steps the local operator, that are needed to unlock the stage again. Just as quickly, it executes the statements. At 3.40 pm then everything is back in order. The whole thing took 10 minutes from the first call to problem solving -. All are relieved, because time is money for a production company with large team Modena. We want you faith in the readiness for service reflect emergency co-ordinator Lars has not switched off so well at night his phone. “His blues brothers-moderately upbeat good mood-ring tone to it guhuut I’m” makes it halfway bearable, even to ungodly times from sleep are torn. Thus, the question is probably according to the mood of the night called sufficiently answered. This night was a Saturday night, L. Weinberg and M. c had Yes also anywhere else on tour can be. Even then, says vineyard, they were ready and accessible, there are also the cell phone vibrate. He had, as always, promised also that customer to be reachable from u n d at night during the day, so that customer the all-round carefree package offered, how his kind, thats pronounced conviction. In the spirit of GL depotsoftware founder Gerd Lehmann: we were always sure to provide the customers with a highest possible standard of quality and the best service. Because we work for the customer.” Our understanding of service readiness includes direct, competent advice, just at night by phone and when it really matters. Photo: Marcus Venner