Indiana University

The psychologist Peter Todd of Indiana University in the United States.UU, after several studies carried out between men and women, and they are related to the preferences of ones and others, in terms of choice of couples, reached a number of conclusions that once analyzed, lead us to consider the following: them: they seek above all to attractive women, the determinant to take into account, i.e., the physical appearanceoverall beauty, above any other quality. (And look, that there are cooking as los angeles, but nor so.!) Them: Mainly, have a preference for men that will ensure them a good future. The more better money. So, the holders of current accounts in State of grace, are always for them, the Top ten favorite. Don’t know for certain, the degree of accuracy of the studies conducted by Mr.Todd, but what seems clear, according to the results obtained and analysing them always under the optics of the sense of humor, that from a point of view very personal, is something that should always bear in mind, when choosing the ideal couple since it is the best thing in these cases, we have to: 1 – that that beauty is on the inside, it seems that not already strained in this matter that occupies us. To the beautiful everyone, wants it so, the less graceful, will be put to the queue and patiently wait their turn, hoping that, more valued as it does the Apple tart or secure with attention in the well-ordered has the House.

2 – That that money is not the most important thing, seems it serves neither much in this story. What one sees, Don dollar, imposing with clarity to the Sr.corazon (, may even leave it completely Ko), in the battle of infatuation. Affection love you with madness, well, you and your portfolio *! (*: How much more better filled).