Easy, Fast And Cheap – Looking Through SMF Records

With the help of SMF2XL, the SMF raw data can be loaded from mainframe systems directly in Excel. With the help of the new, both tools SMF2XL, the SMF raw data can be downloaded from mainframe systems directly in Excel and are already five minutes later in folders sorted for different search and analysis available. The ease of use on a Windows machine accelerates the availability of data and increases the flexibility and productivity of system analysts. Another area of use of the new tools SMF2XL is the processing of content in the SMF records to create graphs and reports for the management. The field names match the SMF documentation from IBM, which allows a simple search to certain fields. The usage of the tools is concrete demand and succeed quickly and flexibly, without much effort.

Typical examples are seeking certain RACF records (record types 80) in the system or the analysis of the causes for loss of important datasets. The small Windows application runs on any PC or laptop and is available via a simple licensing model against an annual rent of 2500 euros per company available. There is no limit on a certain number of users or systems, it can be parallel on different computers as often as installed and used. The interest for the new tool SMF2XL on the IBM System z Technical University 2013 in Munich was exceedingly great. Never before there was a simple way to get the content from SMF data and to analyse them. In addition, the simple license model with its inexpensive, user – and system-independent, annual rent increases the attractiveness of the offer. We are pleased to inform our customers in the German market through the applications of SMF2XL. If you are interested please contact for a no-obligation consultation to the distributors of EPV-technologies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the TPS DATA GmbH in Karlsruhe.

Your contact, Mr. Hartmut Rombach, looking forward to your call at 0721 9887233 or your E-Mail at. Contact: TPS DATA GmbH Hartmut Rombach Lowenstrasse 20 76199 Karlsruhe Tel. 0721 / 988 7233 founded fax 0721 / 988 7234 which was the TPS DATA GmbH as the consultancy in Karlsruhe in 1996 by Hartmut Rombach and tungsten Greis. At its second location in Zurich, trades society as TPS DATA AG and thus ensures a direct support of its Swiss customers. “The slogan z-business is our business” is clearly the focus of the company around current mainframe technologies to the point. The central themes are in the areas of performance management and capacity planning, security concepts and security analysis as well as in the integration of new technologies, including different platforms. The portfolio consists of three business areas to which the vendor neutral, competent (1) consultancy and project management of also an extensive (2) seminar and workshop offer which can be carried out also in English. Special software tools (3) form the third pillar of the Company EPV-technologies and InnovizeIT (Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, VMWare, zLINUX) optimising of IBM mainframes, distributed systems and as a distributor in the German-speaking acts DB2 landscapes on all platforms for which the TPS DATA. The TPS DATA is a long-standing and active member of the computer measurement group ceCMG and the Guide share Europe GSE.