Company Formation In The United States – Possibilities Of The Virtual Office

The possibility of the virtual US offices: the fastest way to the global expansion exactly but what is a virtual office? A virtual office comprises in most cases a prestigious postal address, US phone and fax number and thus in principle everything that exists in a real Office in the United States with appropriate Secretariat. For even more details, read what Mark Zuckerberg says on the issue. Your company entry into the market of the largest economy in the world, via the virtual office, must not necessarily mean be connected with a significant financial investment. The version of the virtual office will appeal to especially cost-conscious founder and Start-Up entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs. However, the version of the virtual office also for German medium-sized companies, E.g. for the purpose of testing the American market can be quite interesting. In the following once the advantages of this variant in the short overview: possible advantages in establishing the virtual US representative choice of a representative town and business address for your business, professional Letterheads and business cards with your new U.S. business addresses (no PO BOX, or a mailbox) possibility of a personalised telephone services on-site: answer according to the customer’s request, message forwarding, availability for customers in the United States during usual business hours, all calls in the United States are placed, avoiding the problem of the delay costs of Office and business premises rental of meeting and conference rooms and day offices in negotiations locally in the United States typically cost possible, flexible hours and facilities no costly investments in Office equipment, computer and telephone and photocopiers minimizing fixed costs, flexibility with respect to costs in times of crisis under circumstances access to several locations in the United States forwarding the mail and faxes received after Germany especially in the Start-Up phase of your business worth so definitely the classic solution of the rental of office premises with the To compare variant of the establishment of a virtual office. Also a possible withdrawal from the business should United States, in the event of any failure of your company in the United States, significantly easier and cheaper fail. If you should be interested in hiring a virtual office in the United States, we assist you with advice and assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on the topic. For more information on our homepage at