Colombian Buenda

In the first place the fear of the parents of rsula to that it has children with gift Jose Arcadio Buenda, since the love and the disobedience of them are prime, but give like result to one hundred years of solitude, incesto in the following generations that it will be part fundamental for the solitude. We see that this history is a repetitive circle of experiences lived very similar in the later generations. Another element that can be stood out is that identities of the personages help to that history repeats the name of Jos Arcadio Buenda frequently as if was a single personage. We see reflected in the family good day many of the old Colombian and still present families, the husband a strong, enterprising man, with an imagination and ingenuity of to be able to secure her objectives without concerning the consequences that this brings, her wife a faithful woman, given and always against the barbarisms of her husband, is she in this case the one in charge of the economy in the Buenda family. The love is card fundamental to decipher the solitude of these personages, this way we see as Jose Arcadio the first son finds the delights of the love in a called woman (To pound Calf) who with time would give the surprise him of which serious father.