BMW Group Cooper

A car of high performance racing and not suitable for cardiac benefits prepared to meet the requirements that requires traffic every day automotive Vision / by Roberto Perez S. A great name, a long tradition, exceptional technical data and unmatched driving experiences: MINI John Cooper Works arouses passions, also outside the circuits. The sportiest model in the range is available through the network of MINI distributors on September 5 in the Mexican Republic with manual six speed transmission at a price of $34,500. The MINI John Cooper Works occurs on the floor of MINI in Oxford, along with all other models of the brand. Therefore, it is also subject to the strict criteria of quality of BMW Group. In addition, each unit is manufactured according to the customer’s preferences, which means that customers have the possibility to configure your MINI John Cooper Works according to their personal tastes. In principle, the MINI John Cooper Works is not anything other than a race car prepared to meet the requirements requiring traffic in cities. Learn more about this with Reed Hastings. Your engine comes directly from the motor sport and is virtually identical to the current CHALLENGE 2008 MINI racing car drive.

The alloy wheels 17 inch weight optimized, high performance brakes, new exhaust system, the gearbox light modified six-speed also derive directly from the MINI John Cooper Works CHALLENGE. Rarely moved so directly the racing technology to the streets and roads. Frankly sporty hood conceals an own a race car engine. The main data that define their qualities are: an engine turbo four-cylinder Twin-Scroll and 1,600 cc gasoline direct injection has a rating of 155 kW, i.e. 211 hp. This means that it has a specific power of 132 hp for every 1,000 cc. This power is the equivalent of a pure sports car. The maximum torque of the engine is 260 Nm, available from the 1,850 turns.