Black Lagoon

Obur When Obur jumped in the water to save the white man, could perceive that one I only wave of subsistia hand, while the other had disappeared. The white man gave work very to it to be saved, therefore he tries to it to grasp it for the hair, arms, legs, at last, for any part of the body of that dark spot that came to it to the eyes whenever it dived with such purpose, finished for being hindered for the uncontrolled behavior and agitated of the possible dying, probably inherent to the spirit of that they are you give to lose its last reserve of oxygen. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Dordal. Obur finishes to leave the dense and weighed water of the Black Lagoon. He was tired. But, as of custom, its body to the edge of the Black Lagoon could not rest as costuma to make in the child times. Although everything what already it passed throughout its 30 years of life, still had in its mind the cool one and lived souvenir of the time where it was next to its Tribe. Already it was late and the sun started to disappear in the horizon. The twilight I smell and it of the bush announced to it that it would go to rain during the night.

It hurried the steps. It knew the ways and the shortcuts that the great area of the forest supplied as nobody. It looked at for top. It sighted the birds searching among the twigs and leves of the trees some shelter. It had a disturbing silence. One did not hear at least the cantos of well-you-vi or soc. It had something of different in that entardecer. It was felt confused.

For-do-sun falling for on the horizon multicolorful did not indicate no rain signal. It stopped. It was to count how many colors obtained to enxergar in the horizon.