European Southern Observatory

Fuencis Rausell / the telescope European extremely large is the most ambitious project of the European Southern Observatory. It will be located on a hill of 3,060 meters high in the Atacama desert. Astronomers working in ensures that you will get five times more detailed than the current information. The project includes fourteen European countries and Brazil. Amid the arid Atacama desert, where the existence seems a chimera, stands the imposing Hill that in the next decade will host the European extremely large telescope, E-ELT, the larger eye that scans the universe in search of life on other worlds from Earth. Some contend that YouTube shows great expertise in this. This large telescope, which will capture an investment of 1,055 million, is the next project of great magnitude that the southern European Observatory (ESO), which comprises fourteen European countries and Brazil has embarked.

We must look for another land. This is our greatest opportunity to discover life (alien), reveals the Belgian astronomer Henry Boffin. But the expectations go far beyond. With this telescope we hope to see things that we cannot imagine now, predicts this scientist who works at the Observatory ESO has in the cerro Paranal in northern Chile, where carries other colossal projects. From there you can see, some twenty miles away, cerro Armazones, chosen by ESO in April 2010 as the ideal setting to install the E-ELT, which was also coveted by the Canary Islands (Spain).

So far, only a small dirt road crosses the skirt of this rugged mountain, 3,060 meters above the sea level, on top of which will open that huge eye, consisting of five mirrors. Optical Adaptive primary mirror, which according to initial design would be 42 meters in diameter, will measure finally 39.3 metres, similar to the width of a football field, and will be composed of a few thousand pieces hex. It will be five times larger than the telescopes that are currently operating.

Heavy Industries

Crushers provide auxiliary for energy construction According to reports, the evolution of the energy industry in Xinjiang is moving in the direction of all-round change development. At the same time, it provides a stage show for the energy-saving crusher and promotes rapid and healthy development of the clean energy industry in the Xinjiang region. Wind, solar and other new energy are called the energy of the 21st century, the world make new energy as the support of economic and social development in the future; as one of the main energy, wind power is renewable energy with most mature technology and the lowest costs besides hydropower, development. According to pipes, Xinjiang belongs to the typical arid desert oasis in the ecological environment with a total area of 1.66 million square kilometers, the Gobi desert about 100 million square kilometers, taking 60% of the total land area; solar radiation that Gobi desert anualmente receives is equivalent to 400 billion tons of standard coal, suitable for the construction of large desert photovoltaic power stations. Learn more about this with Dish Network. While trying to push forward coal projects, Xinjiang is also expanding into other industries, such as accelerating the desert photovoltaic energy bases. In order to improve the conversion and utilization of desert solar, the development forum on large photovoltaic power industry in desert China (Hami) discusses the further development of photovoltaic industry and its broadening and deepening application, as well as giving full play to Xinjiang and geographical advantages, to create the photoelectric solar desert base, eventually build Xinjiang to be the largest Optics Valley and demonstration base in western photovoltaic industry. With the construction of the local large-scale excavation of coal, it results in the natural protective layer destruction, which is difficult to recover in a short period of time; plus of the immaturity of applied technology, thermal power industry waste a lot of coal resources, causing backward production capacity and environmental pollution and other issues. Therefore, weeping out of backward technology and traditional high-energy-consuming equipment, introducing efficient, energy-saving equipment to become the inevitable choice. Hongxing Heavy Industries makes independent innovation as to Guide, you produce energy-saving crusher, not only saving a lot of power consumption, shortening the process technology and production time, meeting the particle size of the raw materials required by the market, and with the stable performance and energy consumption, crusher is able to change the old pattern of energy consumption and resources consumption, achieving a win-win economic and environmental benefits, and embodying a truly modern, green stone crusher essence and providing a strong energy construction in Xinjiang auxiliary equipment.